Whether you are looking to remodel your home to accommodate a change in living or looking to complete a renovation to your home, SRS is here to help you every step of the way. The Principals of Senior Renovation Specialists, LLC have been doing business for over 90 years and we specialize in meeting the needs of our customers. We provide safety, independence, affordability, and most of all simplicity. Find out how we can help you gain independence in your home, or complete a project you've only dreamed of.




Safety Modifications

 • Balance and coordination
​ • Vision
• Hearing
Making some simple modifications to your home can help with prime physical disabilities, such as:
 • Sense of touch
• Dexterity
​ • Agility and mobility
By modifying you or a loved ones home we can help individuals stay in their home longer, save money, and make their environment safer.  This will allow our customers to gain a sense of independence they deserve.  Below are some examples of modifications that we can provide:​

Simple Updates

• Modify the home you love by adding additional rooms and completing full kitchen 
and bath renovations.

​• Custom cabinetry, customized lighting, and multi height countertops allow
​ for a personalized design option.

• Curb-less Walk in showers and non-slip flooring can offer peace of mind.
• With the addition of handrails and grab bars you can ensure that your loved ones are safe.

​• Provide flawless accessibility by widened doorways and wheelchair ramps.• Increase
​ expediency with easy to use faucets, lever doorknobs, and rocker light switches.
• We can provide expert direction from Certified Aging -In-Place specialists, Certified
Renovation Experts, as well as Occupational Therapists so that you or your loved one can
​ remain in the home they love.